From the MRCS Board Regarding the SOGI Town Hall

Dear MRCS Society Members, 

We are writing this email as we are aware that there are some parents/society members who are handing out pamphlets in anticipation of the upcoming Town Hall. 

We would like to note that the upcoming Town Hall is a key avenue for society participation in this discussion. Pamphlet handouts and solicitation of signatures is not in the spirit of our community. We would urge anyone with concerns or questions, to connect with the board or school leadership.  

The board formed the SOGI Task Force with a clear mandate, namely “to uphold the foundational principles of MRCS while giving recommendation to the MRCS board to direct the care of sexual minority youth.” Part of the task force role is to engage in the society, which they have done through the three videos released this fall and through the upcoming town hall.  

We urge the society to get information from our official channels, to engage in the processes we have put in place, and to work together in a spirit of unity. 

We look forward to seeing many of you at the town hall meeting this Thursday.  Details of that meeting format were sent out yesterday

Thank you for your ongoing support of the mission and vision of Maple Ridge Christian School. 

The 2023-24 MRCS Board of Directors

Bob Barclay
Jesse Bodner
Alm Casey
Adam Crowston (Treasurer)
Andrea Davies
Quentin Flokstra
Jonathan Robbins
Nate Searle (President)
Kevin Sowerby (Vice President)
Karen Volcz (Secretary)