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Our accelerated 6-week in-person IELTS Prep Course provides 45 hours of advanced instruction from an experienced instructor. The instructor will fully prepare you for all parts of the exam: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.


An authentic Canadian experience—that is the goal of our International Program.

We work hard to fully integrate our international students into the classroom to maximize language proficiency and to foster relationships with their Canadian peers. Along with this, we limit enrolment into the program to facilitate a genuine experience.

Our program is fully accredited and focuses on a high standard of academics. Plus, every course is taught with a Biblical worldview. But it is not all work and no fun. We plan special events with our international students and celebrate our cultural diversity.

For students aged 12 years and older, we offer a homestay program. All homestay families are carefully screened to ensure our international students are well supported with proper accommodations, healthy meals and encouragement. For students under the age of 12, we require them to live with their parent or parents in Canada.


We are a Christian school. This means that the Christian faith is incorporated into our entire curriculum. We call it having a Biblical Worldview. This means that every course is taught through the values of the Bible. Here is an example: A Biblical worldview understands that all humans are created in the image of God and have intrinsic value. So when we address issues such as cloning, we ask: How does cloning advance the benefits of science and fit with our Christian values? A Biblical worldview helps us explore issues and find solutions in a way that honours the intrinsic value of human life.

Visit our classrooms and you will see something different than the usual lecture. Many of our courses are taught using Project Based Learning. We give students a meaningful question to explore, a real-world problem to solve or a design challenge to meet. A sample question might be: How does our life today compare to the life of the Ancient Egyptians? The students conduct research, collaborate with fellow students and present their findings.

Our Canadian students want to get to know you! Our student body is a mosaic of over 40 different countries and backgrounds. We’ve seen some great friendships develop over the years and we encourage friendships between grades and cultures. We want you to feel welcomed and supported in your Canadian adventure.