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Discover how you can make a world of difference at MRCS

At Maple Ridge Christian School, we are constantly striving to make the world a better place.



Our Heartbeat

We are a dynamic community of students from Preschool through to Grade 12. All of our students learn on the same campus, creating many crossgrade friendships and learnin opportunities. Our students excel in academics, arts, and athletics because they are known and celebrated here.

Our teachers aim to see each student thrive as a learner and as a child of God.

Our Bandaids

Although our students and community are thriving, our physical structure needs your help. Twenty-five years ago, we added a needed high school program. There were too many classes to squeeze into the elementary school building, so we brought eight used portables onto the school property. These portables now accommodate Grades 4 to 7 as well as the band, choral, and drama classrooms. On any given day, we have over 40% of our student population outside in portables. We have maintained these portables the best that we can, but they are well past their intended lifespan.

When we expanded to include the high school grades, we also committed to a high school athletic program. In order to properly practice and play games at this level, a high school gymnasium is required. Since we only have a smaller elementary gym, our high school teams practice and host home games in rented space at a local recreation centre.

As it stands, our school spans from Preschool to Grade 12 and yet we still have an obligation to provide the necessary spaces for all of our students.

Our Remedy

We are embarking on a building project that includes a classroom wing extension and a high school gymnasium. This new construction will provide a permanent home for our athletic teams and the classes currently outside in portables. By investing in these spaces, we are providing the best opportunities for our current students and the ones to come.

We are trusting in the Lord and asking for your support of this project because it will make a world of difference at Maple Ridge Christian School.

Changing Their World

It may sound like we are just talking about some classrooms, a music room, a drama room, and a gym, but to our students these spaces are their world. It is within these walls that they are exploring, learning, and developing. This is where children from the ages of 4 to 17 spend a considerable amount of their time.

So They Can Change Yours

When you transform the environment at Maple Ridge Christian School, you equip our students to go out from this world and change your world. These students are getting ready to be your service providers, your missionaries, your stewards of God’s creation, and so much more.

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