Classroom &
Gym Expansion Project

Needed room for our growing community



spaces will open up new spots for prospective families, replace aging portables, and will bring our high school athletics home.

16+ Needed Classrooms

New Larger Gym

More Study Areas

New Field & Playground

New Drama & Music Rooms

More Social Spaces

New Courtyard & Entrance

You can change our world!


This project is more than a building;

it is a


that will change the lives of hundreds of students today and many more children over the years to come.

I want to pick up garbage and make the world clearer. In chapel, Mr. Davison said if you just pick up one thing at a time that is one more thing that is cleaned up!
—Jack, Grade 3

The building estimate has been fluctuating due to material costs and supply chain issues. We are anticipating a new building estimate very soon. For the time being, we are aiming for a $5 million fundraising target shown here with the $3.7 million that has already been fundraised, invested, and pledged.


I want to be a paramedic. I hear a lot of sirens for ambulances and I want to help people when they get hurt. Jesus helped people a lot in the Bible like a blind man to see and a guy who couldn’t walk. I’m going to help people too.
— Asher, Kindergarten

A donation to the World Changers campaign does more than benefit our students; it also provides a tax benefit to the donor. Here is the effective cost of a financial gift (based on CRA charitable calculations).


Will you help


our school and impact lives for the glory of God?

You can make a world of difference today:

I would like to be a firefighter when I grow up and save lives. MRCS has a lot of athletic programs that help me stay healthy and I’m taught that we all have a purpose for our lives.
— Elijah, Grade 7

We would love to talk to you more about this building campaign, please contact Stephanie Carroll to start the conversation.