High School

Grades 9 to 12

Our graduates are proven to be problem solvers and critical thinkers who know how to work

in teams and


Students in our high school program:

to people of all ages.

Gain mentorships

Our teachers know each student and strive to create a community of respect, grace, and honour where everyone gives their best.

They are mentors who invite ideas, discuss hard issues, and ensure that the intersection of faith and learning is always at the forefront.

Dive deeper

High school students experience increasingly deeper levels of academic, athletic, and artistic exploration while continuing to process it all through a biblical worldview.

Make life long connections

Through day-to-day experiences and life-changing trips, our students get to know each other well and stay bonded after their time together at Maple Ridge Christian School.

Serve wholeheartedly

Whether as a teacher’s assistant or on a service trip to Esperanza, the high school students have many opportunities to serve and exemplify what it means to be a mission-minded community.


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