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About MRCS

Hearts. Minds. Transformed.

We provide K-12 Christian education that nurtures the heart, soul, mind, and strength of every student. Our vision is to see hearts and minds transformed in our students and in the world around us for the glory of God.

Our classrooms are interactive. Teachers use a wide variety of activities from inquiry-based stations to project-based learning. Students explore meaningful questions, real-world problems, and design challenges. They work together in teams to research and present their findings. A biblical worldview is interwoven through every subject.

Every day, students and staff engage in exciting and innovative hands-on learning at Maple Ridge Christian School.


We root ourselves in God’s word. Our school verse sums up what we are all about.
Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength… Love your neighbour as yourself.
Mark 12:30-31


Why does MRCS exist? It’s a big idea and a big mission.
Our mission is to provide Christian education to transform the whole student—and the world—for the glory of God.


This is what we accomplish:
Our vision is to provide innovative Christian education in a mission-minded community where every student thrives.

Mission-minded community

We are outward focused. We want to be part of what God is doing in Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, and beyond. That’s why we work with local churches and mission organizations. Serving others and participating in our greater community is an important part of who we are.

Every student thrives

We know our students well and encourage growth in all areas–heart, soul, and mind. To help every student thrive, the MRCS staff team integrates the following elements into everything we do:

Academics: to challenge and develop the mind.
Arts: to recognize, create, and express truth.
Athletics: to value active play and to train strong, healthy bodies.
Community: to serve one another and our global community.
Intergenerational: to provide cross-grade experiences from kindergarten to Grade 12 and involve siblings, parents, grandparents, and alumni.
Emotional: to foster healthy emotional intelligence based on our identity in Christ.
Spiritual: to incorporate ten discipleship characteristics into the curriculum to help our students understand how faith is lived out:

    1. God-worshippers – honor the Lord our God with grateful hearts
    2. image-reflectors – represent Jesus as His ambassadors
    3. community-servers – build peace and heal brokenness
    4. justice-promoters – identify injustices and become agents of change
    5. temple-keepers – care for our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit
    6. beauty-creators – praise God by creating beautiful things
    7. creation-caretakers – work diligently as stewards of God’s creation
    8. order-discoverers – find harmony and order in God’s creation
    9. idolatry-discerners – identify and understand the idols of our time
    10. truth-seekers – seek and proclaim truth in all areas of life


Maple Ridge Christian School operates as a registered society and non-profit organization.

Current MRCS Board

Nate Searle​ – President
Adam Crowston​ – Vice-President
Candace Nickel​ – Treasurer
Kevin Sowerby​ – Secretary
Bob Barclay​ – Director
Jesse Bodner​ – Director
Alm Casey​ – Director
Quentin Flokstra​ – Director
Jonathan Robbins – Director