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There is a lot of energy and enthusiasm in our elementary classrooms. We believe innovative learning requires a mix of creativity, structure, and collaboration. From the start, we place students in small groups and help them learn how to work together in teams. Devotions, music, physical education, library and technology are taught along with literacy, arithmetic, penmanship, science and social studies.

At the core of our learning is the desire for our students to be transformed by the word of God. Whether its learning Bible stories, singing praises in Chapel, or learning how God intricately made pumpkins, our classrooms are places of wonder to transform hearts and minds.

Our goal is to ensure that every student thrives. We do this by tailoring the reading, spelling and math programs to the levels of our students. If a student requires learning assistance, we provide early intervention. Starting in Kindergarten, we proactively address learning needs through our Special Education Program.

Our elementary students receive choral and music training three times a week. Each class includes games, get-up-and-move activities and some fervent singing contests. Parents are welcome to hear our students sing at chapel and at school concerts. Spoiler alert: Be prepared to have your heart stirred by these young voices!

Library is a regular class once a week. We begin with the goal to develop a love of reading. Then, we teach students how to find books that are just right for them, sign them out and return them on time. (Yes, we like things to be on time!) As our students grow, the Library Learning Commons becomes a hub of 21st century learning that teaches research and technology skills and allows students to collaborate on project based learning assignments.

From the get go, we encourage elementary students to develop strong and active bodies. PE and “Running Club” are part of the school day and are a great way to let growing bodies have an outlet for their endless energy. We also use athletics to teach students about setting goals, achieving your best and celebrating the accomplishments of others.

Every Friday afternoon, our elementary team meets to collaborate. By working together, our teachers create a cohesive program that enhances learning. They are able to plan special cross-grade projects such as kite making, poetry writing with their high school buddies or celebrating 100 days of classes by lining up 100 students. (That’s a lot of kids!)