External Administrative Review by the SCSBC

Dear MRCS Community,

The Apostle Paul said that when people “measure themselves with themselves they are not wise,” (II Cor. 10: 12b). How well are we doing? Let’s ask someone else. Christian education is of such importance that we dare not become smug or complacent. Consistent with our intention to encourage students to do their very best, the leadership of Maple Ridge Christian School have committed to undergo an external review of our leadership. This will include the school’s principal and vice principals.

We have asked the Society of Christian Schools in BC (SCSBC) to conduct this review. A team of Christian educators who have demonstrated their leadership competencies in other Christian schools will visit our school and prepare a report that celebrates our leadership strengths and highlights areas in which we can consider improvements. The intention is not to undertake such a review because something is wrong, rather it is undertaken so that the body of Christ may be built up. Furthermore, it is recommended by the SCSBC that all Christian schools undergo such a leadership review on a regular cycle as articulated in school policy.

To assist the Leadership Review Team in discerning an accurate picture of our school, electronic surveys will be completed by staff, board, parents, and self-reflections by the principal/vice-principals. The link to the parent survey is below. The Review Team will be in our school on February 29-March 1, 2024.

We thank you for your assistance. Please continue to pray for our school and this external evaluation as well. May Christ be praised in all things.

The Maple Ridge Christian School Board