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Hornets Athletics

We are proud of our athletes! They teach us about teamwork, commitment and grit—character traits that last a lot longer than a ribbon or medal, although, our athletes have won lots of those too.

Athletics fits well into our vision to develop the heart, soul, mind and strength of each student. The goal of our Hornet’s Athletics program is to provide opportunity for students to compete and serve, while discovering their God-given gifts through athletics.

Our focus is on the discipline of training strong, healthy bodies, working hard and working together. Plus, athletics builds our community in a special way. Everyone can be involved. Students can play on a team, be a referee, a scorekeeper, or a cheering fan. It’s another way we ensure that every student thrives.

Hornet’s Athletics Motto:

Train Hard. Work Together. Compete with Integrity. Glorify God.


Hornets Basketball is played in Middle and High School. Our senior boys team has competed in the Provincials for the past two years and has been called the “ultimate team” for their work ethic and the way they play as a unified unit.

Volleyball and Triple Ball

Triple Ball is a modified game of volleyball that provides three times the opportunities to generate rallies and is played by Middle School students. Volleyball, for both girls and boys, is played in High School.


The beautiful game is well loved and well played by our middle and high school students. In Fall 2015, our Middle School team went undefeated at the Christian Elementary School Sports tournament.

Cross Country, Track & Field

All the laps in Running Club yield strong results as our elementary students begin to compete in cross-country. The same goes for our Middle and High school students. Track & Field takes place each spring for Elementary, Middle and High school.

Floor Hockey

Floor Hockey is a great Canadian tradition—without the ice. Floor hockey is played by Middle and High School each winter. The Middle School tournament is in March.


Hornets Badminton is played by Middle and High school each spring. Did you know that the official name for the “birdie” is “shuttlecock”? The Middle School tournament takes place in April.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a team sport in which players seek to score points by passing a Frisbee to a teammate over the opposing team’s goal line. We have two Ultimate Frisbee teams—Grade 6 and Grade 7. Training takes place in the spring with a final tournament for both teams in early June.


Softball is a modified form of baseball played on a smaller field with a larger ball, underarm pitching and seven innings. Our Middle School team consists of both boys and girls. Practices and competitions take place in the spring with a final tournament in June.


If you want to learn the meaning of “birdie” “hazard” and “par”, you are welcome to join our High School Golf team. Golf is played by High School each spring. In Spring 2015, our school came home with a championship title.