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Teaching for Transformation


What is “Teaching for Transformation?”

This is a term we use to explain how teaching from a Biblical worldview transforms the student. We believe that the word of God is “alive and active” (Hebrews 4:12). So when the truths of the Bible are incorporated in the classroom, we expect exciting things to happen!

But how do we make the concept of a Biblical worldview into something that even our youngest students can understand?

We focus on “10 Discipleship Characteristics.” Every year, we select one of these characteristics and work on it extensively. We incorporate it into our academic, arts, athletics and chapel programs. It’s a concrete way to teach our students how faith in Jesus Christ can be lived out.

10 Discipleship Characteristics

  • God-worshippers – honor the Lord our God with grateful hearts
  • image-reflectors – represent Jesus as His ambassadors
  • community-servers – build peace and heal brokenness
  • justice-promoters – identify injustices and become agents of change
  • temple-keepers – care for our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit
  • beauty-creators – praise God by creating beautiful things
  • creation-caretakers – work diligently as stewards of God’s creation
  • order-discoverers – find harmony and order in God’s creation
  • idolatry-discerners – identify and understand the idols of our time
  • truth-seekers – seek and proclaim truth in all areas of life