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We are a dynamic K-12 community where each student thrives as a learner and as a child of God.


We are raising funds for a classroom building expansion and the construction of a high school gymnasium. This will open up new spots for prospective families, will replace the portables, and will bring our high school athletics home.


School is where children from the ages of 4 to 17 spend a considerable amount of their time. It is within these walls that they are exploring, learning, and developing. When you transform a student’s school environment, you are changing that child’s world as they know it.


These students are getting ready to be your service providers, your missionaries, your stewards of God’s creation, and so much more. Before you know it, they will be outside the walls of MRCS and will be changing your world for the better.

Will you change our world?

You can change children’s lives by building a school right here in our own backyard.
You can make a world of difference by:

Donation Benefits

A donation to the World Changers campaign does more than benefit our students and our school; it also provides a tax benefit to the donor. Here is the effective cost of a financial gift (based on CRA charitable calculations).


  • Nearly every week, new families contact us trying to find a place for their children to receive Christian education in a mission-minded community.
  • Although we are a K-12 school, nine grades are completely full with no spots available for new students.
  • Our wait pool continues to grow and now has just under 40 children waiting for a spot.
  • We ran out of space in our school building decades ago and currently have 40% of our student population in portables on any given day.
  • The portables were already used when we bought them in the 1990s; despite our best efforts to repair and maintain them, they must be replaced.
  • We have one elementary-sized gymnasium, so (over the past 15 years) our high school athletic teams have spent 1500+ practices and games in rented space at a local rec centre.


For more information contact: Stephanie Carroll at 604.465.4442 or