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Secondary School


Our high school offers more than innovative academic, arts and athletics programs. We are a community that is mission-minded. We like to do hard things and make a difference.

We offer Christian education for the whole student—heart, soul, mind and strength. This holistic approach means that our students graduate with more skills than just head knowledge. Our goal is that they will be problem solvers and critical thinkers. They will know how to work in teams and relate to people of all ages (even preschoolers).

Our focus is on excellence. We require a minimum of 88 credits for graduation (the Dogwood Diploma requires 80 credits) and our students can be found studying in universities in Canada, South Korea and New Zealand.

But more than that, our goal is for our graduates to have wrestled with a Biblical worldview and understand how it shapes their values and actions. Our goal is to see hearts and minds transformed—in our students and in the world around us.

Our teachers know our students by name. They are mentors who invite ideas, discuss hard issues and ensure that every learner is safe. The intersection of faith and learning is always at the forefront. Our teachers strive to create a community of respect, grace and honour where we give our best.

Learning is not about memorizing facts and figures. It is about defining problems and finding solutions. It is about critical thinking. But critical thinking is shaped by our worldview. Why is a Biblical worldview so important?

A Biblical worldview guides our thinking and behaviour. Here is an example: A Biblical worldview understands that all humans are created in the image of God and have intrinsic value. So when we address issues such as cloning, we ask: How does cloning advance the benefits of science and fit with our Christian values? A Biblical worldview helps us explore issues and find solutions in a way that honours the intrinsic value of human life.

Visit our classrooms and you will see something different than the usual lecture. Many of our courses are taught using Project Based Learning. We give students a meaningful question to explore, a real-world problem to solve or a design challenge to meet. A sample question might be: How does our life today compare to the life of the Ancient Egyptians? The students conduct research, collaborate with fellow students and present their findings. Their findings may include drawings, models and more. Not only do they learn about the topic but also they learn how to problem solve, work with different personalities and hone their public speaking skills.

If there is one thing our graduates tell us over and over again, it is about how much they appreciate the community at MRCS! Starting in Grade 8, we have special events for each class that can include white water rafting or overnight camp adventures. Our students get to know each other and the relationships formed go deep.

We’re mission minded. That means that in High School we take the solid foundation built from Kindergarten to Grade 7 and give it hands and feet. We focus on serving others and transforming the world. Whether it is on a missions trip or working with the homeless, our students learn to do hard things.

What’s so great about a small high school? The opportunities abound! We call it “Big Fish, Small Pond.” This means that our students can be the “big fish” and play on the basketball team, be a soloist in Jazz Band and have a role in the Spring Drama. Students with their sights on a specific university can work with teachers to reach their goal. Our small size means that no one falls through the cracks. Every student thrives.