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Middle School



Innovative learning takes on new meaning in middle school. Our goal is for students to explore, discover and develop their strengths and passions.  Sometimes this happens through athletics, spelling bees, speech contests or baking epic cookies to sell at the Young Entrepreneur Fair.

The middle school program includes grades 6 to 8. Grades 6 and 7 are intentionally combined to provide new social connections and learning experiences. These grades work through a two-year rotating curriculum that has a Christian worldview integral in every course. There are also some cross-grade events for the Grade 8 class, which is being prepared for their upcoming entry into high school.

Our goal is for students to make the connection between what they are learning and what it means to themselves and the world around them.

Project Based Learning means we give students a meaningful question to explore, a real-world problem to solve or a design challenge to meet. The Young Entrepreneur Fair is a notable example of Project Based Learning. We help our students develop a business plan, create and market a product to sell at the Fair. The creativity of our students always impresses—whether it is slingshots or floral arrangements. Budding business owners donate a portion of their proceeds to a charity of their choice. This is another way we focus on transforming hearts and minds.

Middle School Student Council allows our students to develop leadership skills and become mission-minded. They initiate fun activities like “Pyjama Day” to raise money for different charities. Our students foster empathy and kindness along with the realization that they can help change the world—and they enjoy being a little whacky at the same time.

Exploratories are one of our most popular Middle School programs. It allows students to explore new activities from rock climbing to curling.  For four weeks every fall and spring, our students have time set aside to try some new activities. Our students love the variety and have fun. We love to see every student thrive.

Our goal is for our students to recognize, create and express truth through the arts. Grade 6 is our student’s finale for Choral and they achieve new heights of harmony. In Grade 7, our students trade in their recorders and begin Concert Band! Plus, Fine Arts instruction begins in Middle School using a wide variety of hands-on mediums. We use our high school art studio to teach this course. It’s another bonus that comes with being a Kindergarten to Grade 12 school.

Welcome to the team! Our school may be small but our athletes pack a lot of punch. Plus, there is always room to play an important role on the team. Our athletes learn about teamwork, discipline and grit—character traits that last a lot longer than any medal—although, our athletes have won lots of those too.

Middle School Sports Teams

Fall                  Soccer, Cross-Country, Triple Ball
Winter             Basketball, Floor Hockey
Spring              Badminton, Ultimate Frisbee, Track & Field