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About MRCS International


An Authentic Canadian Experience

Language Immersion

Maple Ridge Christian School offers a unique immersion experience for each international student. Only a limited number of international students are admitted per class making it a truly integrated program. Since MRCS international students are fully immersed with English speaking classmates, they maximize English language learning and proficiency.

Welcoming Community

MRCS is known for its friendly students and staff. Lasting friendships often develop between students of different grades and cultures. The staff create a caring community through their commitment to and involvement with the students. MRCS students and staff look forward to helping international students on their Canadian adventure!

University Preparation

Students learn how to problem-solve and design innovative solutions through Project Based Learning (an educational technique used by many North American universities).

What is Project Based Learning? Teachers give students an inquiry question to explore, a real-world problem to solve, or a design challenge to meet. Students conduct research, collaborate with fellow students, and present their findings in innovative ways using the latest technology and applications.

Leadership Skills

Students with leadership experience have a competitive advantage in their unversity applications. MRCS international students are welcomed to apply for on-campus and off-campus leadership positions. Past international students have been leaders in the Vice Principal’s office, elementary-level art classes, and summer camps, among other programs. International students are also invited to create and lead their own extracurricular programs.

Christian Education

MRCS applies a biblical worldview in every subject and experience. Ten attributes/goals are included in the curriculum to help the students to understand how Christian beliefs are put into practice:

God-worshippers – honour the Lord our God with grateful hearts
image-reflectors – represent Jesus as His ambassadors
community-servers – build peace and heal brokenness
justice-promoters – identify injustices and become agents of change
temple-keepers – care for our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit
beauty-creators – praise God by creating beautiful things
creation-caretakers – work diligently as stewards of God’s creation
order-discoverers – find harmony and order in God’s creation
idolatry-discerners – identify and understand the idols of our time
truth-seekers – seek and proclaim truth in all areas of life