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Enriching Programs


Music and Choir is one of our favourite things. Not only does our robust music program help build math, literacy and self-confidence—it is a lot of fun! Our mandatory music program begins with 90 minutes of instruction per week in Kindergarten and continues into Grade 9.

Grades 1-2

Each class includes singing, games and dances while teaching the basics of notation and rhythm. In Grade 2, we continue to use a hands-on approach to prepare the students for musical literacy and performance skills.

Grades 3-6

Music takes a serious turn as students learn their first few notes on the recorder. Lots of laughter fills the room as they experience the joys and struggles of learning to read and play music! In Grade 4, students continue to develop their skill and confidence on the recorder. Table drumming and counting games hone their timing and rhythm. In Grade 5, students play with increasing precision and beautiful tonal colour, conquering a huge repertoire of songs. In Grade 6, students are prepared for band.

Grades 7-9

The little plastic recorder is replaced with a real instrument—a shiny new trumpet, a sophisticated flute or a flashy tenor saxophone. Having the essentials of music notation and expression under their belt, students launch into the stratosphere of concert band. Students begin to play more challenging and exciting scores. From jazzy blues tunes to classical pieces, they enjoy the full gamut of song styles and musical expression.

Senior Band

We play and perform for the sheer enjoyment of it! Students have a lot of input in regards to the pieces they want to play and we really focus on the ensemble sound.

Jazz Band

Students who love the Jazz repertoire are invited to bring their morning coffee (or hot chocolate) to class which runs before school on Wednesdays. Here, we incorporate the full drum kit, keyboards and guitars to create that unique jazz ensemble sound.

Choir – Grades 1-6

There are few things that we love more than to hear children lift their voices in worship and praise of our Saviour! Choir is a required class for all students in grades 1-6. We love to sing—and it shows!