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Enriching Programs

We are a mission-minded community. This means that we serve one another and our global community. Our students take this mandate to heart as they serve others through our mission trip to Esperanza or initiate special projects throughout the school year.

Community Servers

One of the discipleship characteristics that we focus on is to be a “Community-Server.” This means that we work to build peace and heal brokenness. Our efforts to accomplish this may look a little different each year because our staff and students partner together to come up with creative ideas. Sometimes our students may collect donations for the food bank, visit a senior’s home or collect essentials for a local crisis pregnancy centre. No matter how it looks, we want our students to be active in being community servers.


During spring break each year, our high school students travel to west coast of Vancouver Island to serve at Esperanza. Esperanza means “hope” in Spanish and this Christian ministry offers a haven or rest to those who are looking for refuge from the storms of life to gain a closer connection with God, others and self.

But our students are not there to rest. They are there to work and prepare the facilities for summer camps and help out with any tasks that need doing. This includes chopping and stacking firewood to heat the buildings, constructing trails, digging trenches, painting, and other jobs that need attention. The food is delicious and our students draw together in a new way.