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Our goal of our Fine Arts program is to help our students is recognize, create and express truth. This may be expressed through a drama production, shaping a clay vessel or playing in Jazz Band.

The arts can stir the heart in a powerful way. For this reason, we believe that an innovative education includes training in the Fine Arts. From Kindergarten to Grade 12, we provide opportunities for our students to learn how to express themselves through music, painting, drama and more.

Our desire to be mission-minded also ties into this. Art has a huge impact on our culture. We want to help our students shape culture in a way that seeks and proclaims truth—and transforms hearts and minds.

Music is a big part of our school. Starting in Kindergarten and continuing to Grade 9, music is a mandatory class. Choral runs from Grades 1-6. Band runs from Grades 7-9. Our senior students in Grades 10-12 play in Concert or Jazz Band for the sheer joy of it.

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Every May, our high school drama program mounts a production. Our repertoire of productions includes Anne of Green Gables, The Drowsy Chaperone and a student-written play called All That Jazz. But our favourite productions are those that include our entire school community, including elementary and middle school students, parents and staff. Each year the drama class enters the Upper Fraser Valley High School One-Act Festival where they have won numerous awards.


Our courses in Visual Arts focus on working with clay, acrylic and watercolour paints, drawing, design, silk screening, printmaking and more. From Grade 6-12, our students create in our art studio that is flooded with natural light. Many projects include cross-grade learning opportunities and Project Based Learning. We love to see our students’ creativity expressed.


Yearbook is another great example of Project Based Learning that develops numerous skills. Our students work together as team to develop and design the Yearbook. This means learning desktop publishing technology, photography skills and page design principles. The students must also met tight deadlines and showcase their final product. It is creative and technical process that includes the heart and the mind.