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Enriching Programs

Innovative learning is not limited to the classroom! Here are some ways we open the doors of learning to help our students thrive.

Exploratories is one of our most popular middle school programs. For four weeks every spring, our students get to choose their own curriculum. Business owners and parents volunteer to teach courses in subjects from cooking to golf. Our students love the variety and have fun pursuing new skills. We love to see every student thrive.


Our Grade 8 Camp is a way for our new high school students to have fun and build friendships. The trip takes place in September and boasts great food and surprises along the way.


Every two years, our high school students and their parents have the opportunity to experience the rich arts culture of London. The trip is for 10 days and takes place in October. The itinerary is a whirlwind of tours to famous landmarks, workshops and live stage shows.

Model United Nations is an in-depth program for our high school students. The focus is on global problem solving and provides a real-life context for skills such as public speaking, negotiation and cross-cultural understanding. Our goal is for our students to increase their understanding of international issues and the role of the United Nations. We also love to see them develop their research and debate skills.

This week long exchange trip allows our high school students to be both guests and hosts. We travel to Quebec or Ontario to experience the culture of French speaking Canadians. Then, we have the opportunity to welcome our hosts to BC and experience our own culture through their eyes. It is a valuable opportunity helps our students grow in life experience.