First Week of School News

Hi MRCS parents,

We hope your family is enjoying this first week of school! Here are some quick reminders and call outs for you:

  1. A new online clothing store will be opening up very soon. If your child does not have an MRCS shirt for gym strip (needed from Gr. 4-12), just let his/her teacher know. There is a grace period for any students who are waiting to order their MRCS clothing.
  2. We are looking for junior girls and boys (Gr. 8-10) volleyball coaches! The season starts soon, so please let us know if you are interested. Contact Ms. Jill O’Dell at
  3. Please mind the reserved parking spot in the school parking lot. This space is for the exclusive use of the Zandbergen family throughout the 2022-23 year. It will be up for grabs for the next school year through the school auction!
  4. We have a fundraising bottle return program underway that has already raised over $2300! All you have to do is bring your returnables in a clear bag to any Return-It Express depot, put in the school phone number (604-465-4442) at the kiosk, stick the label on the bag, and drop it off! Thank you for your support of our students and the school. For more fundraising info, please contact Ms. Stephanie Carroll at
  5. Don’t forget about the Welcome Back Meet & Treat from 6:00-7:30 PM tomorrow (September 8)! It will be followed by a meeting for grad parents at 7:30 PM.