Volunteer & Business Call Out!

Hello MRCS family,

We are in the process of getting things back in full swing! Specifically, we are relaunching our hot lunch program and will be hosting an in-person dinner and auction this year. 🙌

It will be a team effort to get the hot lunches and auction in gear. So please use this Volunteer Form to let us know how you can help (there are some other bonus volunteer options at the end).

We are also looking for business sponsorships again and, if there is enough interest, we will be creating a business directory to highlight MRCS businesses within our school community. That sounds like a win-win for businesses and those who need a service in within our community, right? So please let us know about your business by filling out this Business Partnership Form.

Thank you for responding to this call and for being a part of Maple Ridge Christian School!

God bless you,
Stephanie Carroll Director of Advancement