Upcoming SOGI Town Hall Meeting – Video 2


Last week, we sent out our first communication in preparation for our upcoming town hall meeting on Thursday, November 23 at 7:00 PM. You can find the first communication here.

As we noted then, we recognize that for many of us, there are many questions and concerns around SOGI policy, curriculum, and the school’s foundational beliefs.  

The first video outlined the school’s foundational beliefs which references key sections of our school’s bylaws which can be found here.

The second video will outline the concepts of duty of care as well as some legal considerations.  

Video 1: MRCS Foundational Beliefs
Video 2: Duty of Care and Legal Considerations
Video 3: Curricular and Guidelines Overview 

As with the first video, you are invited to submit questions related to this video. You can do so by filling in a form found here

We look forward to connecting with you on November 23.

Kevin Sowerby
SOGI Task Force Chair