Rescheduled Primary Cross-country Races and Early Dismissal K-Gr. 5

We are grateful to inform you that the district has been able to reschedule the primary cross-country races! It will now be held on Tuesday, May 30, 2023. There is a new location.

New Location

The new location is the Albion Fairgrounds. Parking will be on the gravel lot, Planet Ice lot, and the Sports Complex lot for those willing to walk a little bit further. The run will start and finish near the mainstage. We will also put school tents in this area.

An approximate map of the new course:

Exact course route still to be determined.

Spotters Needed

As this course is not entirely visible from the mainstage/tent area, we will need lots of spotters to help keep our racers safe and on the right trail. If you can be a spotter, please let Mrs. Robbins know by emailing her at .


Please let us know if your child no longer intends to participate in the race. If you indicated that your child wanted to race and he/she still plans to, we will assume that they plan to race on Tuesday. Only let us know if your child no longer wishes to participate.

Early Dismissal K-Grade 5

Due to the high level of student participation and the early start times of the Maple Ridge District Cross Country races on May 30, we will have also have early dismissal for ALL students in K-5 only. All K-5 students will be dismissed at 2:30 PM.

Race Times

The race times are as follows:
2:50 PM – Spotters report to announcer’s tent
3:05 PM – Kindergarten Girls
3:20 PM – Kindergarten Boys
3:35 PM – Grade 1 Girls
3:45 PM – Grade 1 Boys
3:55 PM – Grade 2 Girls
4:05 PM – Grade 2 Boys
4:15 PM – Grade 3 Girls
4:20 PM – Grade 3 Boys