Medical Leave Update

Our Director of Advancement, Ms. Stephanie Carroll, will be stepping down from her position. As was shared in our previous health update in April 2023, Ms. Carroll suffered from a stroke in early January and was placed on extended medical leave. During her leave this spring, it has become apparent that it is in the best interests of Ms. Carroll and her family for her to focus on her continued recovery. 

Ms. Carroll has been a valuable member of our community as a staff member, and will continue to be a valued member of our parent community. Ms. Carroll’s commitment to seeing Maple Ridge Christian School live into our mission and vision through her work as the Director of Advancement left a lasting impact for generations to come. She deeply appreciates the time she spent serving the school and the many connections she made as a result of her time here. We thank Ms. Carroll and her family for their commitment to serving our school, and we pray for her and her family as they lean into the plans God has in store for them.

Any inquiries regarding advancement and/or donor relations can continue to be directed to . We thank you for your continued prayers for our community and our staff who serve us so well.