Notice of Concern

Dear Middle School and High School Parents,

This notice is being sent to make parents aware of a concerning trend that we are seeing amongst our middle and high school students recently. Since we have returned from Spring Break this past week, there have been a series of ongoing incidents involving what the students seem to feel is pranking, but is actually quite destructive and disrespectful behaviour.

Much of this behaviour is happening in the washrooms. Because of the nature of that space, it is very hard to pinpoint who is doing what and at what times. In the last week and throughout this year, we have had our washroom spaces used by middle and high school students vandalized with pen/marker drawings, had paper towels wet and plastered all over the walls, mirrors and stalls, had paper towels and other items shoved down the toilets to the point where they have completely clogged and overflowed, had soap dispensers repeatedly ripped off the walls, and more. 

We have also had garbage left in classrooms and public spaces, including hallways and outside areas. Other incidents include vandalism and theft of items in classroom spaces such as stealing projector remote controls, dumping water and other liquids on floors intentionally, and stripping the screws off of desks or podiums. Some of these actions could possibly cause harm to other students or staff.

This past week the behaviours have escalated to daily incidents, which have created a significant mess for our staff to clean up, and added work for our already hard-working janitorial team. Not only does this add work, it shows a lack of respect for our spaces and the time of our staff.

While we are constantly monitoring spaces the best that we can and holding students accountable for their actions, we also want to partner with you. We ask that you help to remind your children of the importance of caring for the space that they are in, and treating both the space and the time of the people serving them with respect.

The HS and MS teachers will be addressing this situation with the students on Monday morning during morning devotions. We ask that you take some time to connect with your child this weekend to remind them of their role as a respectful citizen in our school community. If a student is caught vandalizing our property in these ways in the future, we will schedule a meeting with the family and repairs may be at the expense of the family whose child was involved. 

We fully recognize that the majority of our students show that they value this space and those serving them consistently. Please encourage your children to continue acting in a respectful manner, and remind them that if they see actions that are not in line with what we hold as a standard they are always welcome to speak in confidence with a teacher or lead team member they trust. 

Thank you for your support,

Stacy Sowerby
Acting Assistant Principal