High School Parents: Camp Update

Dear Parents/Guardians of high school students,

Our high school camp is scheduled to go ahead tomorrow, September 12, 2022. We are excited to embark on this annual kick-off for our high school students. We look forward to establishing a solid bond and sense of community between both our staff and students.

The leadership team is aware of the air quality conditions in the eastern Fraser Valley and we are monitoring the situation. At this time, the government of Canada air quality forecast for Monday and Tuesday is predicted to improve over today’s conditions. Our hope and prayer is that there will be continued improvement and all of our planned activities can go ahead.

In the event that air quality is a significant concern, alternative indoor-based activities are being planned by the HS team, and students will have the option to participate in those if they are uncomfortable participating in outdoor activities.

Our hope is that, as with previous years, we can build and strengthen the bonds of our high school community through safe and fun games and activities.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.


Stacy Sowerby
Acting Assistant Principal

Quentin Flokstra
Lead Principal