2023/2024 Staffing Updates


High School Athletic Director: MaryAnna Robbins

MaryAnna Robbins is the mother of two children at Maple Ridge Christian School, with her third child to join next year in Kindergarten. She has a passion for fitness and health, and has worked actively in the industry for 20 years. She brings to this position her giftings of management, organization, program planning, and design. Her lifelong commitment to wellness has included her own experiences as a competitive runner, a fitness instructor, and a running ambassador for Lululemon Athletica and Skechers. Mrs. Robbins is excited to help support the health and wellness of our high school student body through her new position as our High School Athletic Director beginning in September. Welcome, Mrs. MaryAnna Robbins! 

Grade 1: Carina Tanious

Carina Tanious comes to us from the public school district, with eight years of teaching experience. She has taught in public education, Christian independent education, as well as serving in a First Nations school. Mrs. Tanious is excited to be returning to the Christian education sector, where she has the freedom to authentically share her faith with her students. Mrs. Tanious loves spending time with her husband and her one year-old daughter. Their favourite things to do together are swimming and hiking. She is very happy to be joining Maple Ridge Christian School as a part of our Grade 1 teaching team in September. Welcome, Mrs. Carina Tanious!

Grade 2/3: Jillian Yan

Jillian Yan will join our growing Grade 2/3 team starting in September. Ms. Yan grew up locally in Burnaby. She appreciates her lifelong experience in Christian education, both as a student and teacher. She comes to us from Abbotsford Christian School, where she has served as a Grade 1 teacher for the last three years. Ms. Yan loves baking, watching movies, and spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys exploring the outdoors and seeing all of God’s creation.  She is excited for the new challenge of teaching Grades 2/3 and looks forward to getting to know the staff, students, and families of Maple Ridge Christian School. Welcome, Ms. Jillian Yan!


Vice Principal of Community & Culture (K-12): Zab Vilayil 

Zab Vilayil joined our school community this year in the role of MS Language Arts teacher to cover Ms. Brown’s maternity leave. He has served us well in this part-time role and integrated quickly into our community. Mr. Vilayil comes to us with a variety of experiences. He will be changing roles for the upcoming school year, joining our leadership team in a part-time capacity as the Vice Principal of Community and Culture. Mr. Vilayil will use his giftings of communication, connection, and collaboration to support the staff and students of our school in this new position. We look forward to seeing the new ways Mr. Vilayil will contribute to the culture of our community. 

Education Support Teacher (K-5): Angela Brompton 

Angela Brompton has been part of our community since 2011.  Her service has included teaching Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 2/3. In September, Mrs. Brompton will begin serving our community in a new way in the Educational Support division. Mrs. Brompton will be working closely with Mrs. Wiersma and our primary teachers, supporting the students in our community through focused work in this department. She brings her giftings of organization, attention to detail, a strong desire to learn, and a holistic view of each child to this position. We look forward to seeing how our staff and students continue to thrive through Mrs. Brompton’s additional support in our Educational Support department. 

HS Career Life Education and Career Life Connections: Laura Crowston

Laura Crowston joined our teaching team this year as a teacher-on-call and in a supporting role providing coverage for teacher prep blocks. She has been teaching our Career Life Education 11 and Career Life Connections classes part-time, as well as teaching Applied Design Skills and Technology for our Grade 5 students. In September, Mrs. Crowston will join us on a more permanent basis as she takes on the full teaching responsibilities for Career Life Education 11 and Career Life Connections 12, as well as continuing her work with the students in ADST. We look forward to Mrs. Crowston working with our students in this greater capacity.

HS Post-Secondary and Career Advisor and International Student Coordinator: Shalom Reimer

We welcomed Shalom Reimer to our high school team this spring, and she has already coordinated a Christian University Fair, connected closely with our international students, and found ways to connect with the student body as a whole. In September, Ms. Reimer will fully take over her dual roles, including arranging post-secondary visits from various schools and institutions, working to develop a career fair, supporting students in all post-secondary pathways, and developing and coordinating events to connect with and bring our international students into our community in a holistic manner. Ms. Reimer is passionate about Jesus, loves serving the youth at her church, and dances for personal enjoyment. A fun fact about Ms. Reimer is that she served as Miss Teen Canada in 2016, using that platform to serve others in areas that she is passionate about. Welcome to our community, Ms. Reimer! 

Middle School Grade 8: Heather Brown

Ms. Heather Brown has served our school as a core member of our middle school team since 2014. She will be returning from her maternity leave this June, serving in a variety of ways through the end of this school year. In September, she will return to her full-time position as the core Grade 8 teacher in the subjects of Socials, English Language Arts, and Math, as well as her role of teaching English Language Arts to all students in Grades 6-8. Ms. Brown has strengths in the areas of collaboration and connecting with students. We look forward to her return! 

Elementary Prep Coverage: Jacqueline Fouad

Jacqueline Fouad has served our school as a Grade 2/3 teacher and prep coverage teacher for several years. This September, Mrs. Fouad will be returning from her recent maternity leave to a part-time position. She will be providing prep coverage primarily for our K-3 teaching team. We welcome back Mrs. Fouad!



Grade 1: Katie Farion

Katie Farion joined our community as one of our Grade 1 teachers this school year. She is a graduate of Maple Ridge Christian School (2014), and we were thrilled to see her come back to us for her first full-time classroom teaching position. Ms. Farion is saying farewell to MRCS and stepping out in faith to see what God has in store for her future. She is looking into pursuing further education through a master’s program in the area of special education, as well as considering plans God may have for her in other ways. We are so grateful for the work she has done this year and the many ways she has blessed her students and our community in general. We wish Ms. Farion all the best as she pursues God’s plans for her future. 

High School: Michael Bruins

Michael Bruins joined our community as a high school math, science, and PHE teacher this school year. Mr. Bruins is saying farewell to MRCS and stepping out in faith as God calls him to serve in Brazil. We thank Mr. Bruins for the work he has done for our school and his effort to see how he could best meet the diverse learning needs of the students in his classes. We are grateful for the enthusiasm he brought to his areas of passion and his service to our community. We wish him all the best as he moves forward in this next step of life.  


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