Parent Update Centre ยป


Family: Jason (Father), Ruth (Mother), Travis (Stepfather), Svetlana (Dad’s Girlfriend), Titus & Tobin (Biological Siblings), Judah (Half Sibling), Gabe, Josie, Zeke, and Hosea (Step Siblings).

Hobby: Playing guitar or piano. I don’t get around to either very often, but I love listening to and making music

Core Competency: I really developed the communication competency with the amount of presentations we are required to do. So mostly public speaking, but also I’m just more comfortable talking to people.

Biblical Throughline: I grew the most as an order-discoverer. I really found my love for science with all of my science and math courses.

MRCS Highlight: I really enjoyed the small-sized math and science classes with Mr. Coulter.

Post Secondary: I will be taking a gap year next year. I plan on taking maybe one online course to keep me occupied and then working full time to save up for university the next year. Other than saving money, I’ll be figuring out what direction I want my career path to take.

One thing about MRCS: The teachers are amazing.