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Family: Gillian (Mom), Shawn (Step-dad), Lauren (Sister), Bryn (Sister), Karson (Brother)

Hobby: I love to sing and write songs. I’ve always loved to sing, and I grew up watching my dad and sister write songs, so that inspired me to start trying it for myself. I usually use our piano to create the music portion of the songs, and then I write lyrics to those chords. I also record my songs and post them on my YouTube channel. Writing songs helps me express my emotions and seems to help me relieve some stress and anxiety.

Core Competency: A core competency that I have developed during my time at MRCS has been my critical thinking skills. I am now able to observe a situation and not only figure out the best approach to it, but also how to apply it to my life and possibly learn from what I am experiencing.

Biblical Throughline: One biblical throughline I have developed while at MRCS has been being a God-worshipper. After joining the chapel worship team, I became a lot more comfortable worshipping around my peers, and I realized that it doesn’t matter what you sound like or who listens, it’s about opening yourself up to God and thanking Him for all that He does.

Relationship with God: I have always had a strong relationship with God, but after coming to MRCS, I have learned so much more through our morning devotions, Bible class, and chapel.

Favorite Memories: Being a part of my Grade 10 drama program, Beauty and the Beast, has to be one of my favourite highlights at MRCS. I played Babette, and it was so much fun to be a part of such a big and fun project. I also made a lot of friends during drama, and I’m so thankful for the experiences I’ve had in drama.

Post Secondary: I will be attending Bible college for a year or two, and then after that, I want to go to Trinity Western University to study nursing and become a pediatric nurse, hopefully at Children’s Hospital in Vancouver.

One thing about MRCS: The community is incredible. Because MRCS is such a small school, you begin to make friends not only in your class, but also in other grades. You become close with your teachers and, all around, this school has a positive environment that makes it fun to come to school everyday.