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Family: Joshua (Brother), Mei (Mother), Manson (Father)

Hobby: I really enjoy drawing, and I tend to draw in my sketchbook as it helps me focus better in class. Not only is drawing relaxing and enjoyable to do (most of the time), I also have a constantly growing list of ideas that I want to see put down on paper—a list that I doubt I’ll ever complete. When drawing, I usually lean towards more cartoon styles, but I also enjoy practicing life drawing and human and animal anatomy.

Core Competency: One core competency that I’ve developed at MRCS is critical thinking. There are multiple ways that I’ve grown in this area at MRCS, as we are often asked and encouraged to connect with, question, and reflect on given material. This includes stories, videos, or pieces of text. We’re also encouraged to question and analyze our sources when conducting research and sometimes are asked to write reflections on our experiences for different activities, assignments, and projects.

Biblical Throughline: One biblical throughline that I’ve developed during my time at MRCS is being an image-reflector. Through the actions of my teachers and peers, as well as their kindness and attitudes, I’ve seen Jesus’ image reflected in them. Being around such positive role models and influences have encouraged me to pursue and continue working towards being a better person—not to say that I’m a terrible one, but humans aren’t perfect and we always have areas we can continue growing in.

Relationship with God: Being able to see the faith of my teachers and peers firsthand has helped to strengthen my relationship with God and with others. My time at MRCS has helped me to grow in my own beliefs, as I’ve been exposed to both the firm and solid faith of my teachers, as well as the mindsets and worldviews of my fellow classmates.

MRCS Highlight: I’ve had many highlights at MRCS. I’ve participated in and experienced large-scale projects, events, and drama productions throughout elementary to high school. But out of all the memorable and fun times I’ve had here, some of my best memories come from simply hanging out with my friends and classmates. The time I’ve spent with them has made me laugh more times than I can keep track of, and I hope I’ll be able to keep in contact with all of them even long after graduation

Post Secondary: I’ll be going to Capilano University for their 2-year 2D Animation & Visual Development program. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get into the animation industry afterwards, preferably starting out with TV animation and working my way up to larger projects and productions as I gain more experience. If possible, I also hope to one day be involved in or create a quality Christian-based animated TV series or film.

One thing about MRCS: From my experience at this school, I find that MRCS is a close-knit community and the teachers here genuinely care about teaching and their students. Both the teachers and many of the students encompass the biblical throughline of image-reflectors, and I’ve found support in both the teachers and the friends I’ve made here.