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Family: Matt (Father), Emily, (Mother), Myah, Miky, Carson, and Talia (Siblings)

Hobby: Basketball was always something I was able to look forward to. Playing basketball with my friends and getting yelled at by Brad and Manu was so awesome and the worst thing at the same time. If I could do high school again, I would put more time and effort into basketball at an earlier age so I could be a better player.

Core Competency: At MRCS I developed the communication core competency through talking with my friends and teachers.

Biblical Throughline: My time at MRCS has shown me how to be a community-server. Throughout my years at MRCS, I have learnt to become more and more social and comfortable talking with people. I have translated this skill to help people at my Church or Camps when I am able to. I have helped at Qwanoes the past few summers through working in the kitchen or helping in activities

Relationship with God: At MRCS I was able to make my faith into something that is my own. There have been times in my life where if it weren’t for the teachers and God-centered community that is MRCS, I would not be a Christian today. Through classes like Bible 11 and Christanity and Culture 12 I have learned more about who God is and how he can transform my life.

Memory of MRCS: Some of my favourite times at MRCS were going to Esperanza. Esperanza is a beautiful place to go and connect with your friends and teachers. Hanging out in the cabins with your friends makes for some of the funniest moments of my life.

Post Secondary: For my post secondary choice I will be going to BCIT. I see a trade as something I can start a full on career out of or something I can fall back on for work if needed. BCIT has been a school I have had my eye on for a while now and since I was able to go there for work experience I have been excited to go back and meet new people.

One thing about MRCS: The teachers and community here are amazing. The teachers truly care about you and the friends of mine are the kindest and funniest people I know. Something that I am also grateful for at MRCS is the God-centred community. MRCS helped me make my faith my own and I’m super happy for it.