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Family: Rachel (Mom), Jayne (Sister), Kit (Grandma), Eric (Grandpa)

Hobby: I’ve really enjoyed learning about different lifestyles and work groups throughout highschool.

Core Competency: One core competency I think I have grown in a lot is ‘Personal awareness’. I have learned over the years to ask more questions, seek more help, and be more critical and honest with myself.

Biblical Throughline: I would say that the biblical throughline that I have developed has been beauty-creator, because in art, I.T., and even composition I have learned to make art and critique that art.

Relationship with God: Through my four years at MRCS, I have become closer and closer every year with more and more of my classmates. I can truly thank God for putting my old image aside with my fellow peers.

MRCS Highlight: One memory I have at the school is going to Mr. Davison’s office and talking to him about life and self growth. He really impacted my life.

Post Secondary: After school, I am planning on going to YWAM with Michael Peragine to travel the world and go help people in need, and I am going to attend the real estate course to get my real estate license. BELIEVE IT!!!!!

One thing about MRCS: No matter what state you arrive at the school in, you will leave with a smile on your face.