Parent Update Centre ยป


Family: Tammy (Mom), Doug (Dad), Braeden (Brother)

Hobby: Playing and writing music – Music is the world’s most universal language because it can convey thoughts, feelings, and emotions that transcend time and culture.

Core Competency: Communication – I’ve developed this core competency because of my time in drama. It pushes you outside of your comfort zone and allows you to communicate with others on a very deep level.

Biblical Throughline: Beauty-creator – MRCS has taught me how to express myself for the glorification of God through art class, music, photography, and drama.

Relationship with God: Exploring God and his word each and everyday. Implementing it whenever possible shows you how involved he is in everything, and it allows you to relate with God in many different ways.

MRCS Highlight: Getting to work on Beauty and the Beast.

Post Secondary: Berklee College of Music: Undergraduate Certificate in Lyric Writing.

One thing about MRCS: MRCS has shown me what it means to love and care for one another, and I will miss everyone dearly.