Parent Update Centre ยป


Family: Keri-Ann (Mother), Peter (Father), Tony, Tyson, Sam, and Claire (Siblings)

Hobby: I enjoy playing video games because it can take me to fun different worlds and is a good stress reliever.

Core Competency: I’ve developed questioning and investigating because we are always told to do those things to look deeper into assignments.

Biblical Throughline: I’ve grown in the biblical throughline of community-server, thanks to all the fun community events we’ve done.

Relationship with God: Thanks to the many group opportunities the school has offered to us, I’ve been able to grow my relationship with God and my peers.

MRCS Highlight: Well, I can’t write down one highlight, but a lot of them come from the fun times with my friends.

Post Secondary: I plan to go to UFV to pursue a red seal in heavy-duty mechanics.

One thing about MRCS: MRCS will forever be a part of my life.