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Family: Andrew (Brother), Johnathan (Brother), Sara (Sister), Lidia (Mother), and Daniel (Father).

Hobby: One hobby that I’ve been enjoying is riding and working on bicycles as well as understanding the components of computers and learning how to make them perform at their best.

Core Competency: One core competency I developed a lot this year is the personal and social aspect. I chose this competency because I got to know my fellow workers, which helped me adapt a lot to the overall working environment. One example was when I went to volunteer for Trinity Western University. Once every month, the IT group meets up at an employee’s house and we engage in activities, eat food, and go for walks. Through it all, I got to make really good connections with my coworkers and learned a lot about what it takes to become an IT administrator.

Biblical Throughline: The one throughline that I believe represents me best is being an order-discoverer. The main reason why I chose this throughline is because over the past few years at MRCS, the one thing that’s been keeping me in check through the stressful weeks and homework pile-ups has been listening to music and experiencing God’s beauty in the outdoors.

Relationship with God: Throughout my life, my family and I have stayed close to God for as long as I can remember. And ever since I joined MRCS, it was and has been, an amazing and welcoming place for me to grow in my faith and develop as a God-worshipper.

MRCS Highlight: One of my most favourite highlights/classes of MRCS was when I joined a class called Outdoor Education 12. This class was very practical in some cases where we learned how to make a fire, cycle safely through the town, camping and participating in extracurricular activities such as rock climbing, figure skating, working out, swimming, etc. Overall, this class was my favourite out of the ones I took.

Post Secondary: For now, I’m planning to go to BCIT and apply for the Architectural Building Technology course. It is a degree-level course and once I finish it, I want to advance to a bachelor’s degree and begin to embark on my journey of becoming an full-fledged architect. Designing bridges, homes, town-homes, skyscrapers, etc. For work, as said previously, I would like to become an architect and potentially make my own company out of it. Hiring other architects to make designs in order to further advance our province with the latest designs to keep our province modern, yet attractive for tourists to visit.

One thing about MRCS: MRCS is an amazing school to learn under the Christian faith. The teachers are outstanding in the subjects they teach and the school is small, meaning that you get to learn and understand your classmates much more.