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Family: Chrystie (Mom), Rob (Dad), Alexa (Sister), Brielle (Sister), Georgea (Sister), I am unable to give names but also my foster sister and brother

Hobby: I love to read, sing, dance, and act.

Core Competency: Collaboration –  When I began high school I was quite a loner. I hated group projects with a burning passion, as if there was probably nobody else in the world who despised them more than I did. Any chance that I got, I would pick doing a project on my own as opposed to doing it with my friends. I had a need for things to be done the right way, aka my way. As time went on I was forced into doing more and more group projects, which at the time increased my stress level like crazy. Looking back I can say that I am very glad that I was pushed out of my comfort zone, because now I actually don’t mind group projects too much, and have learned that by collaborating with others we can come up with something even more amazing than I could have ever done on my own. Now in class I find myself less stressed out about having to work with others. I can do a group project without completely taking over, which was something I struggled with for so long. In student council I also find collaborating to be very helpful as I cannot possibly think of everything that needs to be done in an event all on my own. It takes many different minds to fully complete a plan. Through my years at MRCS, I have learned that collaborating with others makes a plan fully fleshed out.

Biblical Throughline: I feel as if the biblical throughline that has become a foundation to the way I live my life is being a justice-promoter. While attending MRCS, I have found my passion for feminism and body positivity. When I began high school I was insecure, but through the community here I began to accept myself and who I was. I realized how important it is to love yourself. Through this realization I became an advocate for women’s rights, and equality. I’ve had the chance to write essays about different topics concerning these injustices in our society. I have a passion for righting the wrongs in society and helping those who feel as if their voice has been silenced, to find their voice.

Relationship with God: My faith has developed a lot during my time here at MRCS. For a long time I had adopted my parents faith, I didn’t take a deep look as to what I believed, or how I presented my faith. While struggling with my mental health in Grade 8, I began to stray away from my faith. I had pretty much given up on everything and lost all hope. One day I was given this book from the library that hadn’t been read in ages. In this book, the main character, Jo, was trying to piece together whether God really listens and if he cares enough to really answer us. Because of this book, I began to slowly regain my faith and built up a relationship with God again. A year later at my church, I did a profession of faith and now, although I have much to learn, my faith is the strongest it has ever been.

MRCS Highlight: My highlight from MRCS is the productions in drama that we have gotten to put on each year. Every practice, dress rehearsal and show has been a blessing.

Post Secondary:  I am going to start by taking a year off of school. During this year I am hoping to focus on working. I will be leaving my job as a hostess at Red Robin because I have been offered and accepted a full-time position with Cabo Drilling, and I’m also going to try to begin an acting career. Ever since my first school play in Grade 8 I have dreamed of getting to act. I have decided that I want to pursue screen acting as opposed to stage acting, though I would love to continue theatre as a hobby. In Grade 10, our Bible class helped a writer edit his script from a teenager’s view, and I decided to audition for the short film. Though I only got a small role, I immediately fell in love with screen acting. Although previous to this I had been interested in film, this solidified my decision as to what I wanted to do. I want to act. Although I love acting and it’s my dream, I know that it is not necessarily the most stable career. For so long I knew exactly what I wanted to do if acting didn’t pan out. But now, I honestly have no idea. I threw around multiple ideas: forensic nurse, psychologist, mortuary sciences, child care, police officer, English teacher, etc. Now I’m beginning to realize how little I really do know about what I want to do. Although I feel a calling to a job where I can help others, I don’t know exactly what that path is yet.

One thing about MRCS: If I could share one thing about MRCS it is that because the school is so small there is really a sense of family. Everybody knows everybody and it makes it so you cannot just get lost in the crowd.