Parent Update Centre ยป


Family: Angela (Mom), Jan (Dad), Cassidy (Sister), Dylan (Brother), Dog (KD)

Hobby: I really enjoy hanging out with my friends, whether we are fishing, watching movies or just driving around. I also have been doing dance since I was eight and that is something that I love to do and hope to continue to do past high school.

Core Competency: As for core competencies, I feel I best developed the personal and social competency. At MRCS I learned to put myself out there, learn and sometimes take charge.

Biblical Throughline: I have developed the biblical throughline of community-server. My time here at MRCS, in leadership and in class in general, has really shown me what it looks like to be a leader. I also see community servers being represented in our school by how the teachers interact and show how they care about the students

Relationship with God: Throughout my time here at MRCS, I have greatly developed my relationship with God and with the people around me. I have made some of my best friends here, and I have developed relationships with the teachers here too which is awesome. Being surrounded by a Christian community every day has really helped me grow further in my relationship with God.

Highlight of MRCS: Esperanza is by far my favourite memory here. But I also appreciate the everyday one, like hanging out at lunch with the 11s and 12s, and the one night werewolf games with Mr. Coates.

Post Secondary: As for the future, like almost every person, I would love to travel. I want to be spontaneous and really make memories adventuring the world either while, or before I start school. I am planning on attending the University of the Fraser Valley and would love to participate in one of the Study Abroad programs. I plan on getting my Bachelor of Arts degree, then heading into the PDP program to become a teacher. While that is my plan for now, I know things often change. I am trusting that I will end up where I am meant to be, whether that is becoming a teacher or doing something that is the complete opposite.

One thing about MRCS: At MRCS, we are able to grow close with our teachers because of how small it is. A lot of us have also been with each other since kindergarten, which has made us really close, like a family.