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Family: Elliot (Father), Anna-Lisa (Mother), Jenna (Sister), James (Brother), Brynn (Sister)

Hobby: Guitar. I really enjoy playing and listening to music.

Core Competency: Critical thinking. Every single class has helped me grow in this respect, but the class that really helped develop this would probably be English class. Through researching projects, I have had to exercise my ability to think outside of the box.

Biblical Throughline: Order-discoverer. Math classes and Physics 11 have made me realize how much of an order-discoverer I am.

Relationship with God: Being here, where I’m surrounded by teachers who care and who love God, has grown my faith and I have been able to ask questions about our faith.

Highlight of MRCS: Esperanza and all of the chapels while we were there. I felt so close to God, and I could see him working and speaking to everyone who was there. It was amazing.

Post Secondary: I am planning on working in a cabinetry shop and hopefully going to BCIT to finish my Red Seal certification in cabinetry and joinery.

One thing about MRCS: The community is amazing and I hope it continues to flourish.