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Family: Daniel (Father), Rosangela (Mother), Emmanuel (Brother), Antonio (Brother), Adriana (Sister), Pocho (Dog/Brother)

Hobby: One hobby I have is going to the gym with my friends. I enjoy going to the gym because it is fun and it is a great way to improve as a temple-keeper.

Core Competency: During my 13 years at MRCS, I don’t think I can pick just one core competency that I have learned the most, so I will talk about all 3 and keep it brief. I developed my communication competency by constantly interacting with my friends, teachers, and peers. My thinking core competency is always being developed by the several different classes I am in and the different assignments and projects I receive. And the final competencies I developed are personal and social. I have been developing this competency since the beginning of my time at MRCS. Throughout the years, I have been learning who I am as well as developing friends that will hopefully last a lifetime.  I am confident in the person I am today, and my friends and teachers at MRCS are a major reason for this.

Biblical Throughline: I think the biblical throughline I developed the most at MRCS is temple-keeper. Over the years at MRCS, I have become more and more of a temple-keeper through the activities I do and the relationships I have built. One of the biggest parts that developed me into a temple-keeper was MRCS school sports. Since middle school, I’ve always loved playing on our school’s team, but I took more of a serious turn when I started playing high school basketball. I was chosen to be captain of the basketball team so I knew I had to earn that right. I worked extra hard at practice and outside of it to be the best player I could be, and it was because of this opportunity our school gave me that I could excel in this sport and become more of a temple-keeper by improving in it. But MRCS didn’t just give me basketball to help me become a temple-keeper. Throughout my entire time at MRCS, I’ve joined numerous sports teams and, although this has improved me physically, it also improved my relationships with my friends. Sports brought me a lot closer to my peers and made it so I could share awesome moments and memories with them.

Relationship with God: During my time at MRCS, my relationship with God and others were developed by the strong Chrisitan community that surrounded me. I was lucky enough to have teachers that were strong, who taught me about God. Also, I developed my relationship both with God and my friends by going to Esperanza. During Esperanza, I get to grow closer to my friends and have time to develop my relationship with God.

Favorite Memories: I think one of my favorite memories of school is Esperanza.

Post Secondary:  My future plan is to get into UBC’s Bachelor of Science program. My first year of university will be at SFU’s Bachelor of Science program and then hopefully I will be able to switch into UBC’s. The goal is to get into the faculty of medicine and become a doctor in a certain medical field, I haven’t decided yet. This will most likely take 10 or more years and will be very difficult to accomplish. After the first year, I hope to live on campus with Daniel and a few other friends of mine and have a fun time. I am very excited for this next step in my future and am nervous to start this long and stressful road. I hope to make new friends and stay in touch with several of the ones I have now. I hope to be constantly developing and acquiring new skills and becoming a better person than I am today.

One thing about MRCS: MRCS may be a small school, but I think that is what makes it so special. MRCS’s small community makes it so everyone knows and cares for one-another. Because of the size of our school the teachers and students have a close relationship with each other and can truly help and get to know their students.