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Family: Emalie (Sister), Rachel (Sister), Mark (Father), Shannon (Mother)

Hobby: My favourite pastime is currently going to the gym and lifting weights. It makes me feel strong and I like to challenge myself every day and watch myself grow.

Core Competency: One of the core competencies we have learnt during our time at MRCS is communication. The communication core competency helped me grow when working with others. It has taught me to hear everyone in a group setting and work together. More minds at work create better ideas than just one.

Biblical Throughline: A biblical throughline that I developed during my time at MRCS was being a temple-keeper. During the past year I have been focusing on my physical health. To me, being a temple-keeper means taking care of my body in a healthy, sustainable way because I have been gifted with it by God. There are five aspects to being a temple-keeper.

Relationship with God: MRCS has developed my relationship with God by incorporating him into my life everyday. The teachers have been an amazing support team especially when hard times have come up in my life. I have made amazing friendships through this school that I hope will carry on in my future life.

MRCS Highlight: My favourite memories have been in Grade 12. Having a car and being able to drive and do things with my friends has been the best.

Post Secondary: In Fall 2021, I will be attending Simon Fraser University for a Bachelor in Kinesiology. I would like to travel as many places as I can once I am able. I will continue to work at the restaurant I currently work at part time as I save up to eventually move out.

One thing about MRCS: MRCS is a close-knit community of people who are genuine.