Parent Update Centre ยป


Family: Mark (Dad), Emi (Sister), Rachel (Sister), Shannon (Mother), Zachery (Cousin), Victoria (Cousin), Mark (Uncle), Mandy (Aunt)

Hobby: When I have free time, I like to sit outside on a chilly day on a couch with a bunch of blankets and tea and either draw, listen to music, or read. These simple things bring me a lot of joy and give me a chance to sit down and relax.

Core Competency: I developed the core competency of critical thinking at MRCS. MRCS has taught us all these skills to be able to use in the real world and, through many different projects and alignments, I think we have done a good job putting their lessons to good use as I believe I will use these skills a lot throughout my life.

Biblical Throughline: A biblical throughline I have developed is image-reflector. I have learnt how to be an image-reflector by the example of our teachers and have since developed into one myself throughout the last few years of high school. It has been challenging but I hope that the struggles will be worth the outcome in the end.

Relationship with God: Being able to be a part of the MRCS community has given me the chance to grow up with a great group of people and our teachers. We got to create a bond between us that I don’t believe other schools get to do. I feel very lucky to have grown up with these people and to be able to intertwine my faith with my education.

MRCS Highlight: I remember a day in kindergarten when I got to the classroom early and I saw that one of the baby chick eggs were cracked. I went to the teacher very excited and told her that an egg was hatching. The class gathered up to the glass and we all watched together as the birds hatched. I think that was one of the first times that our class connected together, starting what became an awesome group of people I can gladly call my friends.

Post Secondary: I have been accepted into UFV for a Bachelor of Science degree and, if all goes well, after I graduate I will then go to school in Saskatchewan to become a veterinarian.

One thing about MRCS: This school is a diamond in the rough. MRCS has shown what it really means to care about others. The teachers care about their students more than any other school, they try so hard, give up their extra time to help you with any questions or problems you have, and really just make you feel like MRCS is less like a school, and more like a community or family trying to help each other along in life with an occasional quiz or test to see how you are doing.