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Family: Lydia (Mother), Bryce (Father), Matthew (Brother), Adara (Sister), Mary (Aunt), Karen (Aunt)

Hobby: I love to draw. I’m able to capture my thoughts on paper and tell a story. Through art, I can convey my thoughts without words, but so someone can see it.

Core Competency: I grew the communication competency a lot in this school, especially through WEX. The Work Experience program pushed me out of my comfort zone, and helped me grow. I learned a lot about how to communicate well with others and work in a team.

Biblical Throughlines: Based on my personal experiences in this school with bullying and queerphobia, I have developed a very innate need for justice. I align most with the biblical throughline of justice-promoters as a result of this. I am drawn to research about injustices that I have heard about or seen, and feel a calling to speak out against inequality, including women’s rights, equity for all races, genders, abilities, sexualities, and social standings.

Relationship with God: I have grown up in a Christian household, so I only ever had one perspective on topics. Through my education in this school, I have learned a lot about my own faith, and the faiths of others.

MRCS Highlight: Some of my favourite memories were made having friendly banter with Mrs. Wilson. I’m going to miss her.

Post Secondary: After I graduate, I plan to go to university to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I would like to be a criminal psychologist, and then move on to being a forensic psychologist with additional schooling.