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Family: Tina (Mother), Virgil (Father), Florin (Brother)

Hobby: Going to the gym because it helps keep me in shape.

Core Competency: I developed in my core competency of communication. I developed this by being more comfortable talking with friends and teachers, both about school and life outside of school.

Biblical Throughline: I developed the temple-keeper throughline. This was because MRCS encouraged physical activity in sports such as basketball and badminton, as well as in classes such as Outdoor Ed. I also started going to the gym in order to become more of a temple-keeper.

Relationship with God: I have come closer to the Lord through my experiences with friends and teachers at school, outside of school, and at places such as Esperanza. I have become closer to God at MRCS, and I have also developed a greater understanding of who He is and what roles He plays in my life. My time here has developed my relationships with others as well, through being at school with friends and being able to talk with them every day. It has helped me develop relationships with them by showing me more about who they are and building connections with them.

MRCS Highlight: Being at Esperanza with my friends and having late-night cabin talks with all the guys crammed into one cabin.

Post Secondary: After school, I will be attending SFU for one year for my Bachelor of Science before I transfer to UBC in order to continue.

One thing about MRCS: MRCS has an amazing community. The people are all very caring and kind, including all of the teachers. The teachers care about their students and their well-being, and all of the students are understanding and accepting.