Parent Update Centre ยป


Hobby: I enjoy hanging with friends and watching anime.

Core Competency: I have grown in my critical thinking during my time at MRCS. I have now been able to look past the text provided and try to see what is not said.

Biblical Throughline: One throughline I have developed is beauty-creator. I think that I have grown in this by not just seeing the beauty within people.

Relationship with God: My time at MRCS has helped me develop my relationship with God as I was provided many opportunities to meet and talk to Him.

A highlight of MRCS: A highlight I have at MRCS would be all the times when my friends and I were able to hang out to laugh and have a good time. I also loved all the new friendships and relationships I gained during my time here.

Post Secondary: I am currently planning to go to UBC for my post secondary education to complete a Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science, as I have for a long time wanted to enter into pharmacy. I would also love to travel soon, but depending on how things go that might have to be put on hold.

One thing about MRCS: MRCS has a great sense of community and is very welcoming. When I first arrived at this school, I was nervous about if I was going to fit in but thankfully everyone was very kind and welcoming, so I had no problems.