Parent Update Centre ยป


Family: Xu (Father), Wanling (Mother)

Hobby: I have always been very interested in photography because I enjoy the close relationship between man and nature.

Core Competency: Through these works and life experiences in MRCS, I found out that my thinking ability has improved significantly.

Biblical Throughline: Definitely a beauty-creator. God is a beautiful Creator. Human beings are one of the works of God. Every time I have no inspiration, it is always good for me to seek the beautiful nature around our daily lives.

Relationship with God: In the past four years, I have learned the charm of creation and how to build a relationship with God and everything, especially with people. I am very grateful for the positive atmosphere of this school. Although our school is small, it can help us get to know each other more quickly. After we got to know each other, I discovered how incredible the trust generated between people is.

MRCS Highlight: I really enjoy every chapel. It always brings me peace of mind and deep thinking.

Post Secondary: I plan to go to the design university of Ryerson because I think there are more job opportunities that will suit me in Toronto.

One thing about MRCS: MRCS will not only provide you with a good education, but will also give you a sense of home.