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Family: Adam (Father), Sheila (Mother), Delia (Sister)

Hobby: I really enjoy working out with my friends! I enjoy working out because it often takes my mind off the worries of everyday life. I also enjoy it because it is a couple hours everyday where I can hang out with my friends.

Core Competency: I can think of numerous examples in numerous classes that show I have developed in my communication through my time at MRCS. First, group projects. I think group projects have helped me because I am usually a pretty bossy person. I like to have things my own way and that’s it. Group projects have shown me that other people have valid ideas, too! MRCS has shown me that you should give people a shot when it comes to group projects, and I think this is a useful skill for post graduation as well because, in most workplaces, you need to work through problems TOGETHER. I am thankful that I have been taught the value of communication because it would be a rude awakening in the real world, if I had never heard of working through problems together.

Biblical Throughline: So, how did I learn about being a temple-keeper here at MRCS? I have been taught many different times, by many different people, about how to be a temple-keeper. Whether it was in class discussing our yearly biblical throughline, during the Terry Fox Run, or in gym class, many teachers have taught me the physical aspect of being a temple-keeper. And they have taught me how to keep in shape by eating healthy, exercising, participating in sports, and have encouraged me to be an overall active person. Something very important I was also taught, is that being a temple-keeper doesn’t just mean working out and being strong. Being a temple-keeper means that you also have to take care of your mind and the mental aspect of things. I believe that this is just as, if not more important, than the physical aspect. It’s very important to be able to take breaks and study for a test without going crazy. I am super grateful that we were taught how to manage time and keep our sanity during our time at MRCS.

Relationship with God: MRCS has helped my faith dramatically! I have very strong Christian friends and even stronger Christian teachers who have helped me along the way, which I will forever be grateful for!

MRCS Highlight: So, let’s kick it off with Esperanza. There are way too many good things to say about this place. From the breathtaking views, to the angelic voices during chapel, this place has got it all. Esperanza has given me so many good memories. One of the many memories I have from Esperanza is the late-night cabin conversations with the boys, which are insanely stupid, but also have their moments of wisdom. Another memory that sticks out from the two years I attended this mission trip is getting smoked out of our cabin by Garrett, Gabi and Owen. At the moment, that one wasn’t so pleasant, but looking back on it, it’s turned into a good memory. Now, how has Esperanza helped me grow? I believe there are a couple things Esperanza has taught me. One is a good work ethic. When you’re not singing ‘A Million Dreams’ with the boys, or showering and listening to the Jurassic Park theme song being yelled by Owen, this place has you working. I think the reason why Esperanza taught me to have a good work ethic, is because some of the work there SUCKS. After 6 hours shovelling rocks, you’re exhausted, but you’ve got to keep going because it needs to get done. Another thing Esperanza has helped me with is reconnecting with friends. Sometimes it sucks to get put into a group without your same 5 or 6 friends, but sometimes it’s also nice to just hang out with someone new. Like, last year, I got to go bushwacking with Garrett and it was great! I hadn’t caught up with him for a long time, so it was a nice change to be put with someone new.

Post Secondary: I think first and foremost, after I graduate, I would like to work as much as I can during the summer, before university classes start up. I am currently working at a Superstore, but I would like to find another job soon with more hours and better pay. I know better pay is a lot to ask from someone who still hasn’t graduated, but I’ve got my hopes up that I’ll be able to find something. As for travelling, I think it would be really fun and a great life experience. BUT, as you know, COVID is a thing, so travelling probably isn’t a wise idea, at least for a little while, however long that may be: one, two, or five years. Once we’re past COVID, I would love to travel. Now, as for post secondary, I have recently been accepted to the Bachelor of Science program at UFV, so that is where I will be attending in the fall. Ideally I would love to have a job as an engineer, but I applied way too late and missed a lot of application deadlines, so UFV will do for now. In the future, I think a school like SFU, UBC or BCIT would be really cool.

One thing about MRCS: COME HERE!!!! It is an amazing school! There is never a time when you don’t feel welcome and, as many people have said this, MRCS is a community unlike any other. This is more of a family and less of a school. Everybody supports everybody, and that is why I appreciate and will miss this school!