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Family members: Max – Brother, Sandy – Mother, Tasen – Father, Sophia – Aunt, Kevyn – Cousin, Ethan – Cousin

Hobbies or past times: I love singing. Singing has been with me for almost 10 years, and it’s something that I enjoy all of the time.

Core Competency I developed in my time at MRCS: Personal Responsibility: I learned during my school years that we should always take responsibility to for everything we commit to and admit to.

Biblical Through-line I developed in my time at MRCS: Beauty-Creator: I sing to praise God. I use my talents and my skills to create beautiful things for our school. I perform and bring music to everyone.

How my time at MRCS developed my relationship with God and with others: I got to know more about God and Christianity. I become more patient and calm when I have conflict with others. I no longer dispute others as much.

A highlight from my time at MRCS: Singing with Ms. Maki for the Christmas Chapel every year has been wonderful.

Future plans for after graduation: I have been accepted to UBC to study food, nutrition and health. I am thinking about travelling with my best friend from China, but not sure where yet. Maybe we will delay to the summer next year for a bigger trip; I don’t have a plan on working yet, but if I can join a professional band during university, that would be a great experience. I don’t want to give up my passion on music or singing.

One thing about MRCS that I want others to know: It is small but filled with love and concern for others.