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Family members: Emily – Mom, Jasmine – cousin

Hobbies or past times: I enjoy playing basketball.

Core Competency I developed in my time at MRCS: Critical Thinking: MRCS has helped me learn to think about things in a critical way.

Biblical Through-line I developed in my time at MRCS: Creation-Caretaker: This year we really focused on learning to take care of God’s creation.

How my time at MRCS developed my relationship with God and with others: My faith developed very well because of my groups of friends here at MRCS.

A highlight from my time at MRCS: I really enjoyed my high school life with all my high school teachers!

Future plans for after graduation: My future plan is going back to my hometown.

One thing about MRCS that I want others to know: MRCS is the best school in the whole universe!