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IsabelleFamily members: Clay – Father, Tammy – Mother, Ben – Brother, Silas – Brother

Hobbies or past times: I love writing songs. Music itself takes me to a whole different place. I’m at my happiest when doing this and writing about various topics of music.

Core Competency I developed in my time at MRCS: Creative and Critical Thinking: Having to generate and develop ideas in things such as student council/leadership and being a leader in squads comes with much analyzing and critiquing plans. Then, of course, developing and designing is a huge part of everything I was involved in, which definitely helped my growth in that area. All in all, MRCS has helped me grow in numerous spectacular ways and develop skills which I will carry with me for a lifetime.

Biblical Through-line I developed in my time at MRCS: Image-Reflector: My favourite Bible verse is 1 Peter 4:8. It states, “Above all, love deeply because love covers over a multitude of sins.” I repeat this to myself almost every day. I do it for reassurance and calming purposes, but also because of how full of meaning it is as well. “Above all,” above everything else in the world…love deeply. I’ve seriously realized this and greatly thought about this verse quite often at school through experiences we have had. How much my mindset has changed last couple years-especially this past year, has been crazy. Just by reminding myself of this one verse, I release so much tension and it allows me to let go of grudges and judgement.

How my time at MRCS developed my relationship with God and with others: My relationship with God has always been distant. I didn’t want to put any effort into trying to form a strong connection with Him up until Grade 10. That year, I became more aware of my situation and it hit me pretty hard. Grade 11 wasn’t too good either, and the beginning of Grade 12 was hard as well if I’m being completely honest. This year, though, for the first time ever in my life, I feel like I’m actually getting somewhere with my faith. I’m still trying of course, I’ll never be perfect or ever good enough, but I am trying and I feel that’s what God looks for. He knows if the desire in your heart is truly real and desperate or not. However, I wouldn’t have realized certain things and even be where I am now without this school and the amazing, wonderful staff who work here. They gladly sacrifice their personal time just to chat with me and keep me mentally healthy. I am forever grateful to them and every single action they’ve done and words of love and advice they have shared with me.

A highlight from my time at MRCS: Wow. The memories are countless. I have been attending MRCS since Kindergarten so usually after 13 years, the memories seriously start to add up. Yet, I have 2 highlights from my high school experience: 1. Esperanza (2018 and 2020). These were the best weeks of my life, 100%. I recommend going on Esperanza to everyone, it is life changing. 2. Joining the basketball team! At first, I joined mainly because the girls would not stop pestering me to join and I finally gave in. I played for 2 years and let me tell you, I wish I joined sooner. These girls make me so happy and being part of the team with them and travelling together and all the more life-long memories we made, well, that time was well spent. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Future plans for after graduation: I am interested in becoming a dental hygienist. I’ll be attending the University of Fraser Valley in Abbotsford after graduation. There I will be in qualifying studies, which are my chosen specific courses that I need in order to get into an 18-month dental hygiene program called “Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene”. It’s quite intense, which is understandable considering they took roughly 4 years of schooling and compacted it into 18 months. The program seems to have very good outcomes, though. I will get out of school faster and into my career that much younger.

One thing about MRCS that I want others to know: Step out of your comfort zone. I know it can be frightening, but people are actually really supportive. Take opportunities to try new things like worship team, new instrument(s), theatre, and more. You only experience high school once, take the chance to expand yourself!