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Family members: Sonia – Mom, Richard – Dad

Hobbies or past times: As a lot of people know, my main hobby is dancing. I love the way dance allows me to express myself. I love discovering different movements and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Dance has not just made me learn more about myself, but it has given me so many other skills that I will continue to apply and develop as my life goes on.

Core Competency I developed in my time at MRCS: Communication: The core competency that I have really developed is communication. I am not afraid to communicate with all ages and feel comfortable in conversations. I enjoy working with others and I am definitely a people person. MRCS has also taught me how to better communicate by doing speeches and several presentations and communicating with teachers and my peers. I think this is one of my strongest skills and will help when I get older and in my future job.

Biblical Through-line I developed in my time at MRCS: Beauty-Creator: The Biblical Through-line that I have developed the most is being a Beauty Creator. I think I have grown in this through-line because of dance and constantly creating beautiful movements and stories. I also have created many beautiful relationships in my life, whether they are for a short time or the rest of my life. I think I have grown as a beauty-creator because of the incredible support system I have around me today.

How my time at MRCS developed my relationship with God and with others: MRCS has grown my relationship with God because His presence is everywhere: in the halls, in each staff member and in my friends that I have grown so close to. I have been surrounded with such an amazing environment that I have started growing closer and closer to God because of it. My relationships with others that I have developed within the whole school are so special, and I’m so grateful for each and every person that I have crossed paths with over the past 11 years. They have all helped me grow into the person I am today.

A highlight from my time at MRCS: Wow, there are just too many memories to pick from. Each day since Grade 1 has been so memorable. From Jennifer breaking the photocopier (this is an inside joke within my class) to Galiano adventures, many field trips ,and just everyday laughing and creating amazing memories, even just the little things are highlights in my mind. However, Esperanza will always have such a special place in my heart and I’m so happy I got to experience such a beautiful place 4 years in a row.

Future plans for after graduation: My future plan is to possibly to take a full or just a half gap year. During this time, I want to continue with dance whether it be teaching my own choreography and or continuing to dance myself though a post secondary dance program. I would also love to travel within this time, but we will see how that goes because of this recent pandemic. During this time, I mainly want to focus on creating new experiences and be open to getting out of my comfort zone and seeing how big the world is beyond my bubble. After this I hope to pursue a career in the medical field such as nursing, occupational therapy, or dietetics. Though I do not fully know what part of the medical field I want to excel in, I know that I want to work with children and teens. I’m nervous for this chapter of my life, but I’m also excited to see what amazing experiences are waiting for me.

One thing about MRCS that I want others to know: MRCS is a special school that is full of incredible people and glows with God’s presence. There is not another school that I would want to attend for 11 years. The relationships I have made with teachers, office staff, and of course my friends that I have grown up with, are so special and I will treasure them forever. MRCS has been there for me on my worst days and my best days, and I’m so grateful for that. (I know this is more then one thing but i needed to say it all) 🙂.