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Alison grad 2020Family members: John – Dad, Yvonne – Mom, Danny – Brother

Hobbies or past times: My participation in 4-H and WCC have been a very big part of my life. This coming year will be my 9th year in 4-H, and I have grown so much during these years. I wouldn’t be who I am today without it. I have grown socially and have gained a much greater knowledge about the industry I am growing up in from it.

Core Competency I developed in my time at MRCS: Personal Awareness and Responsibility: MRCS has taught me so much about myself and what my full potential looks like. They have taught me how to be a leader and to set higher standards for myself.

Biblical Through-line I developed in my time at MRCS: Creation-Caretaker: MRCS has taught me to respect God’s beautiful earth and honour Him and the amazing things He has made for us.

How my time at MRCS developed my relationship with God and with others: MRCS has pushed me in a good way, to maintain a constant and healthy relationship with God. The teachers and staff at MRCS have really helped me keep the spark with my faith and I cannot thank them enough for this.

A highlight from my time at MRCS: I have been going to MRCS my entire life, from K-12. I have so many amazing memories through these years, but a few that stand out are: meeting my best friends, playing basketball for 7 years and making it to the BC’s!, crying in Mr. Coulter’s class after a math test, and ESPERANZA!!

Future plans for after graduation: After I graduate, I plan on taking a year off to work and travel, if we even can travel after this Covid -19 experience. I have no idea what I want to do with my life as far as an occupation goes, so thought taking a year off to assess my life situation may help me decide.

One thing about MRCS that I want others to know: The people I have met there have become my second family.