COVID-19 and Remote Learning

COVID-19 and Remote Learning

March 26: COVID-19 Update & FAQ

Dear MRCS Community,

This document will be updated weekly (if not more often) to address your frequently asked questions. Please see the FAQ document from the Ministry of Education for additional information.

Is MRCS really open for learning?
Yes, MRCS is OPEN for learning, just not in our physical space. Right now, we are working on plans for the changes as per the BC Government’s announcement on March 17 that all schools suspend in-class learning. On April 2, there will be an update as to how this will look for each grade level and how our remote learning will reflect our vision to provide innovative Christian education in a mission-minded community where every student thrives.

Is the school building open?
Our facilities are closed to the public. All staff on site are practicing the safety measures prescribed by the Provincial Health Officer as well as additional guidelines developed by the Lead Principal and the Facilities Manager.

Is the playground open?
No. The playground closed on March 21 as we do our part in the community to minimize the spread of Covid-19.

When will offsite learning begin?
Teachers are using the week of March 30 – April 3 to plan and prepare for our shift to remote learning. Teachers will connect with parents in the latter half of the week with learning plans. Remote learning will begin on April 6.

What if I need to get my child’s books/ belongings from school?
The staff will ensure that all student books and belongings will be by the front door of the school clearly marked with your child’s name. Information about pick up times will be made available from the school office.

Will the school be able to provide a laptop/iPad for my child?
Yes. We are working on a program to loan out our school technology with a limit of one device per household. More information about how to sign out a device will be made available the week of March 30 – April 3.

What should parents and caregivers focus on at home to support continuity of learning?
Parents and caregivers are encouraged to focus on what we know helps everyone thrive as learners.

  • regular sleep and exercise for everyone
  • playing outside and inside
  • practising thankfulness and gratitude
  • talk with children about their anxieties
  • establishing routines and rituals such as devotions, family meals, games nights, etc.
  • literacy and numeracy practice such as writing, reading, math skills, etc.
  • meaningful work on topics that individually interest your children

Other steps to take may include the following:

  • Talk to your child(ren) about the fact that although we will not physically returning to school, there will be school after this extended Spring Break
  • Start to plan for schedules and routines that will carve out specific times for schoolwork
  • Start to find a designated space in the home for focused work

When are final marks determined?
Learning in British Columbia, as prescribed by the Ministry of Education, includes teaching, learning, and assessment. We will continue to provide instruction and assessment which will lead to a final grade in June. Report cards will be issued at the end of June as usual.

What about tuition?
MRCS is not planning on making any changes to tuition at this time. We are committed to our students and we will provide for their learning needs. As plans are being developed between March 30 – April 3, we’ll have a better picture of how this will look for each grade. Our hope is for all of our families to remain part of the MRCS community. To that end, we are looking at cost efficiencies where we can to enable some resources to be reallocated to our tuition relief fund. As always, we continue to offer a process for families who need temporary support to be considered for short-term assistance. For those seeking tuition relief, please email

What about graduation?
We want to celebrate our wonderful graduates of 2020. However, we will be following the direction of the BC Ministry of Education and the Provincial Health Officer regarding when in-class instruction resumes and when we are permitted to begin meeting again in large groups. We may need to postpone events or explore creative options in how we will celebrate our grads. More details will come in the coming weeks.

I’m an Essential Service Worker (ESW). Will the school be able to have my child(ren) at school?
Yes. If you need to have your child(ren) attend school in person, please contact the office ( so that we can plan accordingly.

Thank you for working with us during this difficult time.